America’s Cup 2017

The INSETTA 45 catamaran was selected as the Official Chase Boats for the 35th America’s Cup in Bermuda. The America’s Cup has always emphasized innovation through advanced materials, construction, and design to create ultra-efficient machines, and our INSETTA 45 reflects the same standard for innovation in its luxury-meets-technology design. Our high-performance catamarans feature the most advanced design, construction, and outfitting to keep pace with the impressive sailing machines participating in the world-renowned sailing competition.

INSETTA 45 cats utilize advanced techniques – finite element analysis, aerospace techniques, vacuum infused ribs, decks, bulkheads in cored engineered composites – that result in a robust built-to-last boat. The high-strength/low-weight ratio aides in efficiency and comfort. The INSETTA 45’s unique hull design maintains a constant angle of attack from displacement to planning to W.O.T. The broad sponsons’ excess buoyancy keep the bow up in following seas and the lower units buried for steering and control in severe weather or when running an inlet. Deep, wide sponsons allow engines and fuel to be placed low in the hulls, resulting in an ultra-low center of gravity. The high, narrow tunnel clears big waves and adds strength.

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