The Foiling Press – December 2022

Wow, all we can say is What.A.Year! 2022 was a huge year for growth and strategic planning for the Insetta Boatworks team. We expanded our facilities, welcomed new talent to our skilled crew of boat builders, and built some incredible boats for amazing customers this past year! We also invested a lot of time and money into improving our production capabilities and refining the 35IFC, which brings us to the big news we’ve been itching to announce!

The Big News…

Efficiency has always been a huge focus here at Insetta Boatworks. Our 35IFC has proven itself to be the most fuel-efficient boat in the mid 30’s Center Console class, and our goal this past year was to be able to build this extremely efficient boat efficiently, while still maintaining top-tier build quality. Makes sense, right?!

Additionally, we wanted to leverage this opportunity to make some interior design improvements based on our current and future customers’ feedback. With that being said, we assembled our team of fishermen, divers, engineers, and naval architects to redesign the cap, liner, and stringer/bulkhead system.

We’re excited to announce that we’re currently in the process of building the first of many Next-Generation Insetta 35IFC’s with our new molds, and we’ll be displaying this boat in the Suzuki Outboards booth at the Miami International Boat Show!!!

What’s changed:

Cap: The redesigned cap has an increased gunnel width of 2” to allow our gunnels to accommodate nearly every rod holder and marine cup holder that exists. We’ve also improved the integration of our corner livewells into the cap mold to minimize wasted space, improve livewell capacity, and increase cockpit space – behind the livewells, you’ll also notice we’ve included space for built-in rod holders as well. Finally, the transom splash-well is now a completely level and flat surface, creating additional usable space for fishing!

Liner: We’ve redesigned the liner to eliminate the step-up in the bow, creating a completely level and flat surface the entire way around the boat. We’ve also added molded-in non-skid, an option that was not previously available on first-generation 35IFC’s. Additionally, we’ve added molded-in fresh and raw water hose holders beneath the gunnels!

Stringer/Bulkhead System: Our new stringer/bulkhead system was designed to streamline our below-deck build process. We have new molds for the stringers and bulkheads CNC’d to perfectly fit the hull, they are bonded in using the latest materials and techniques. 

Current Builds

The Haze Gray 35IFC has had her twin 300 HP Mercury V8 Verados rigged and mounted. She hit the water this past week for final testing and will be getting her upholstery and seadek in shortly before she is delivered to her new home on the West Coast of Florida!

Next up, an Ice Blue 35IFC. The liner and cap are in and we are just waiting on the twin 300 HP V8 Verados to ship from Mercury. Once the motors ship, we’ll start installing electronics and begin final assembly!

The first of our Next-Generation 35IFC’s has had her cap and liner test-fitted in the hull and the fitment was absolutely perfect! This boat is being built for famous Fisherman/YouTuber Robert Arrington (AKA DeerMeatForDinner) and will be equipped with twin 300 HP Suzuki Outboards and on display at the Miami International Boat Show for the world to see! This boat is being outfitted with just about every option you can imagine and will be a serious head-turner! Robert and his family willl be traveling all over the US, Bahamas, and possibly further in this 35IFC thanks to her incredible range, efficiency, and rough-water performance.

Finally, our new demo boat has just hit the new molds this week and will be completed in the Spring of next year. She’ll be available for several demos and will be For Sale shortly after!

Upcoming Events

Miami International Boat Show

Wednesday, Feb. 15th | 10 AM – 6 PM (Prime Time Preview)

Thursday, Feb. 16th | 10 AM – 6 PM

Friday, Feb. 17th | 10 AM – 7 PM

Saturday, Feb. 18th | 10 AM – 7 PM

Sunday, Feb. 19th | 10 AM – 5 PM

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