Why Host Private Demo Events and Not Boat Shows?

Insetta 35IFC Sea Trial Demo

Everyone loves a spring boat show. New boats, new gear, and hopefully great weather and people watching.  So why does Insetta Boatworks Host Demo Events Instead of Attending Boat Shows?

Even before Covid put the brakes on boat shows for 2020, we decided to prioritize getting people rides on our game-changing foil assisted catamaran, the 35IFC.  The 35IFC looks great at the dock, but to really appreciate what makes this boat special, you absolutely need to take a ride in the ocean (make sure you hold on to your hat and sunglasses)!

With our demo event format, we’re able to give personal tours and ocean demo rides that are typically an hour long – this gives us plenty of time to show what the boat can do, as well as answer any and all questions our potential customers may have. Potential customers receive our team’s total and undivided attention, which allows us to better understand what they’re looking for in their dream boat, how they’ll use their boat, and what customizations may be necessary for their lifestyle. Overall, it’s a significantly more personalized experience that our current customers have really enjoyed!

We are definitely looking forward to one day doing boat shows again, but in the meantime, we’re having a blast hosting our demo events and getting to know our customers.

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