Deer Meat For Dinner and Warren Sapp Go Spearfishing on an Insetta 35IFC

What a combo! Worldwide Fisherman and Popular YouTube creator Robert Arrington (AKA DeerMeatForDinner) and former Pro Football player and Hall of Famer Warren Sapp joined forces for a fun-filled day of spearfishing on an Insetta 35IFC!

Photos courtesy of DeerMeatForDinner

The crew ventured out of Jupiter Inlet in search of invasive lionfish to spearfish. With no natural predators and a voracious appetite, Lionfish can be detrimental to Florida’s marine ecosystem. Originally from the South Pacific and Indian Oceans, it’s rumored that the aquarium trade released Lionfish in South Florida and they’re now taking over reefs up and down the Eastern Seaboard.

Photos courtesy of DeerMeatForDinner

Unfortunately, these lionfish have taken over in such great numbers, they’re likely not going anywhere. But fortunately, they’re delicious! Tune in to DeerMeatForDinner‘s latest episode to see how to harvest lionfish, how to filet them, and an amazing recipe for cooking them!


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