Insetta Boatworks 2021 Demo Events

We will be offering private sea trials on Friday August 20th – Sunday August 22nd at Pelican Yacht Club in Ft. Pierce, FL. Time slots are 1 hour long and offered on a first-come, first-serve basis.

During this private sea trial, you’ll have the opportunity to get a one-on-one walkthrough of the vessel, ask any questions you may have, and enjoy a sea trial inshore and offshore to experience the 35IFC in varying scenarios and conditions!

For those that are on the West Coast of Florida or can’t make this event, we will be doing a second demo event on September 18-19 in Naples, FL (marina location TBD). These are our first demo events in nearly 4 months, so these spots will fill up quickly!

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*Update: Ft. Pierce is nearly fully booked*


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