Insetta Boatworks Buying Experience

We strive to make the Insetta Boatworks Buying experience just as enjoyable as the ride on our boats. Here are a few things we do a little different than others when it comes to the sales and build process:

Sales Team Approach: We take a team approach to sales. Customers have the benefit of having a single point of contact all the way through the quoting, build, and delivery process – your representative will never “hand you off”.


Through the process of quoting, demo rides, factory visits, building, and delivery, other members of the Insetta Team will be brought in to answer more technical questions or spec out a custom option.  This approach provides more depth to the level of expertise that is not possible when you only work with “the sales guy”.

Demo Rides: We recommend getting on a demo ride as soon as possible.  While the boat looks great and the performance numbers are unrivaled in its class, the best aspect of the boat is the ride quality.  We offer demo rides via appointment, please contact us HERE to schedule a demo ride.

Insetta Boatworks Buying Experience - Sea Trial

Factory Visits: Transparency is extremely important to us. Unlike some of our competitors, we highly encourage factory visits. Please email or call us to make an appointment.

(912) 882-5420

Options/Color Selection:  For those who are unable to travel to our factory to select colors/options, we have “kits” that we ship to customers once a build slot purchase is made. These “kits” are Pelican cases filled with actual samples of gelcoats, upholstery, speaker covers, rubrail, seadeck, etc.

Documentation of Build Process:  We host a project management application that is easily accessible for our customers via mobile, desktop, and email. Through this application, our customers can see build progress in real time, keep track of dates, and even have an online place to store all manuals and warranty information.

The Numbers: The first step in acquiring an Insetta is to purchase a build slot. The build slot is simply a place in line. The cost of the build slot is relatively small and is completely refundable until we start your boat.  When we are about 3 months from the start of your build, we will give up-to-date pricing, deliver a firm quote, and complete all option/color selections.

The purchase price is divided in the following simple payment schedule:

  • First 25% due when we start construction
  • Second 25% due after all major hull composite parts are built
  • Third 25% due when motors are received
  • Final 25% due at delivery

Insetta School:  We give all new customers a full day of training prior to taking delivery of their boat. Invite your family or frequent passengers along so they can familiarize themselves with every function of the boat and get comfortable. The goal here is for our customers to know everything about their boat so they can take delivery of their boat and hit the water immediately!

Insetta Boatworks Buying Experience - Insetta School

Contact us anytime for a personal scheduled demo aboard our 35IFC! 

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