Interior Walkthrough on Insetta 35IFC Hull #2

Insetta Boatworks is a semi-custom boat builder. Semi-custom means that our customers have the opportunity to choose from a variety of available options and configurations when they spec out their dream boat! The main area of client-specific customization is in the cockpit.

We understand that every customer and their use-case can be different, so when it comes to cockpit configurations, we offer a few different options! While some hardcore live-bait anglers may demand maximized livewell space, others may value more seating, and some may want both! On Hull #2, our customer wanted to free up cockpit space without sacrificing seating or livewell capacity. Our agreed upon solution was to replace the rear corner livewells with fold-down bench seating (with added backrests) and convert the rear facing seat into a dual livewell/baitstation with removable seat cushion and footrest!

If you prefer videos, we quickly filmed this interior walkthrough video! Enjoy!

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