New Drum Windlass

New Drum Windlass: The Windlass is perhaps the most consistently complained about part on a boat.  We all know the struggle, and many of us are familiar with the aftermath of having to pull in 100+ feet of rope, chain, and a heavy anchor when the windlass decides that it just doesn’t feel like cooperating that day!

We are excited to be using a relatively new style drum windlass on our 35IFC.  We installed the Patriot EZ anchor puller on our 35IFC demo boat and have been extremely impressed with its performance and reliability.  In just a little over 3 cubic feet (quite a tiny space) this windlass holds 560’ of chain, rope, and dyneema.  It’s proven itself to be extremely compact, tangle free, and powerful. Best of all – we haven’t had to deal with the back pain associated with pulling in an anchor by hand!

This style windlass will be rigged on several 35IFC’s in the current production queue, check out a video of it installed on our demo boat below!

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